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GUNSMITHING SERVICES:  Time and TIG Handle attachement for M700

GUNSMITHING SERVICES: Time and TIG Handle attachement for M700

  • $ 11500

Our Bolt handle fitting process for the M700 restores the Primary Extraction feature after the action has been accurized.  Careful TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding aids in joint reliability by creating a stronger union at the shear point between the bolt handle and bolt body. The process we use is both welding and soldering.  First, we TIG weld the joint along the shear points.  The mating parts are then silver soldered to bolster the adhesion for additional strength.  The combination delivers a very reliable means of permanently attaching the bolt handle to the bolt body. 

When working with accurized receivers it is very common for the Primary Extraction function of the receiver to require additional work.  Traditional "timing" involves positioning the handle so that it engages more of the receiver's cam surface.  While this does work, we have take extra measures by adding material to the bolt handle's cam surface.  When machined it effectively advances the bolt timing so that primary extraction begins sooner in the rotation cycle while increasing the rearward travel of the bolt body as it rotates.  

What this boils down to is a very powerful rearward tug on the fired cartridge as you lift the bolt handle, thus improving the extraction qualities of the M700 action.



TIG welding and soldering involves intense heat and the use of flux.  Flux is a chemical used to etch and clean the surfaces in preparation for soldering.   These processes create discoloration and scale that cannot be avoided.  Because of this the bolt and handle will require cleaning.  This is best done with abrasive blast media (bead blasting).   The consequence here is that it opens the grain structure of the steel and makes it vulnerable to rust.  We are happy to polish the surfaces for an additional fee.  Most elect to have the bolt coated in some fashion, ie; Cerakote or parkerizing.

Please make a note of these limitations prior to selecting this service.

If you own an M700 with an RR prefix in the serial number we strongly recommend this service when having the action accurized.  These actions have the latest handle revision from Remington and the PE function is almost non existent


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