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Custom Rifles

LongRifles, Inc. is a true custom shop.  We are not firearms manufacturers.  We take existing components and tailor them to your specifications.  Full builds begin with a detailed interview to define the scope of the project and to ensure we are the right shop for you. 

Our experience will offer constructive suggestions through this process, but ultimately our goal is to ensure the rifle we build fits the application you've defined.  We strive to build rifles that get used, battered, and exhausted.   "Safe Queens" are graveyards for guns in our eyes.

We use a broad range of bolt action designs from quality manufacturers, ranging from "rack grade" production receivers to the more refined custom actions.  The choices available today can be overwhelming.  One must never forget to be conscious of the fact that certain receiver designs trace their origins back to highly controlled shooting disciplines such as bench rest or long range competitive shooting. 

These types of actions have more than earned their place within those arenas, but it does not mean they are the best option for all applications.  Ultra tight fitting action designs are prone to function problems when exposed to environmental conditions outside the designer's original intent.  This cannot be overstated enough and it is a driving force when we navigate the particulars of your rifle project.

The types of rifles we build span a broad range.  Our menu originates from real world experience in the following:

    • Precision Long Range Tactical Shooting
    • Close Range/Rapid Deployment Law Enforcement Precision Tactical Shooting
    • Long Range Competitive Shooting (Palma/F-Class)
    • Dangerous Game/Safari Rifles          
    • Alpine and Plains Game Rifles
    • Specialized Short Range Suppressed Predator/Feral Hog Rifles
    • 3 Position Olympic Smallbore
    • Smallbore Long Range Prone (Mini Palma)
    • International Smallbore Silhouette
    • Long Range Pistol Silhouette






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