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GROUP BUY: Remington M700 Blueprinting, Barreling, Fluting, and Coating service

  • $ 20000

Shortly after opening the doors to our new facility in 2011, LRI offered a Group Buy for bolt fluting that exploded; OVER 600 bolts in a 5-week period! Most were received, fluted, coated, and shipped the same day.  

It set the bar for what's possible.

A receiver blueprinting, barrel fitting and coating Group Buy is a bold undertaking; one that we have successfully hosted since May of 2013. 

This Group Buy specifically targets the Remington 700, Model 7, and 40X series of actions.  Long or short, left or right-handed, with any bolt face/factory extractor configuration. 


Detailed list of services:

Blueprinting often referred to as truing or accurizing, is the process of improving the accuracy potential of a factory bolt action receiver. LRI ushered in the modern era by embracing the use of Vertical Machining Centers to blueprint bolt action receivers. From a very humble beginning, we've refined the process to its current level with the pioneering use of 5-axis machining capability.  This is not art, we are putting modern manufacturing potential to good use.


The 5 axis advantage:

  • Reduction in tool library eliminates tolerance stacking
  • Consolidated machining operations improves dimensioning accuracy
  • Exceptional parallelism between bolt and receiver lug surfaces
  • Use of a "Higbee" lead thread to eliminate the risk of a torn or galled thread start
  • Avoidance of part distortion from work holding
  • Taper free receiver ring threads with the use of thread milling tool paths
  • Standardization of threads through in-process inspection
  • Misaligned optic base holes eliminated with consolidated work holding
  • Improved surface finish from solid wor kholding and aerospace quality machining and tooling


Additional receiver accurizing options:

  •  Helically bore and thread mill receiver scope base holes to 8-40tpi on the  receiver bore center-line
  •  locate and drill dowel pin holes for pinned recoil lug 


Bolt accurizing/fluting: 

  • Resurface rearward lug surfaces square to bolt centerline
  • Resurface bolt face square to bolt centerline
  • Mirror polish extractor shoes on factory M700 "floating" extractor


Additional bolt work options:

  • Bolt fluting for cosmetic appeal/weight reduction.  SIX-flute pattern on all fluting work
  • High helix pattern
  • Standard helix pattern
  • Straight pattern
  • Wrought Iron pattern

 Tactical bolt-knob installation note:  we use 5/16-24tpi threads only

Barrel Fitting work:

  • Measure and document tennon geometry
  • Edit program to individual receiver dimensions and indicate bore center axis
  • Profile barrel tennon
  • Thread tennon to fit receiver threads
  • Setup/select chamber reamer
  • Chamber barrel
  • Chamfer breech ring/entrance to chamber
  • Qualify head space to a value of go+0.001" to go+0.002"
  • Cut to finish length
  • Crown (choice of true 11° target crown or recessed 11° hunter crown)
  • CNC engrave cartridge designation on barrel cylinder

Additional Barrel Fitting Options:

Threading for muzzle cans and recoil reduction devices.  These are qualified with 2a traceable/certified ring and plug gauging in the following thread size/pitches:

  • 1/2-28
  • 9/16-24
  • 5/8-24
  • 3/4-24
  • m18x1.0


Thread protectors:  These are qualified qualified with gauging in the following thread size/pitches:

  • 1/2-28
  • 9/16-24
  • 5/8-24
  • 3/4-24
  • M18x1.0


Longrifles, inc. Cathedral 3-port muzzle brake.  

Our brakes are turned and surface machined from 416 bar stock.  The ports are "conical" (smaller towards the i.d., bigger at the o.d.) and swept back at 18 degrees.  We mate our brakes to the customer's barrel for a seamless fit. (minimum recommended muzzle dia. 0.750"-  please call if you want to do it on a smaller dia. muzzle)

  • 1/2-28
  • 9/16-24
  • 5/8-24


Metal finishing: 

please note: the accurizing process requires welding and soldering on the bolt handle and rear of the bolt body.  these areas are sand-blasted and often filed to achieve proper function.  keep that in mind when selecting a finishing option)

  • Standard polish finish on barrels
  • Bead blast finish using glass bead media (SS only)
  • Oven cure Cerakote in any standard color offered by NIC industries
  • Hot tank parkerizing (carbon steel parts only, stainless, aluminum, and other high-nickel steels will not parkerize)



How all of this works:

Simply gather your parts (or you may elect to purchase components from us as well), print and fill out the order form for the work you would like done (don't be afraid to use the notes section, or to call us and ask questions before you send your parts), and send your parts to us IN A HARD PLASTIC CASE.  If you ship your parts to us from a UPS store, please include (on your GB form, or otherwise), your contact information and ACTUAL MAILING address.  

If you do not ship your parts to us in a hard plastic case, we will ship them back to you in one, and you will be billed accordingly.  We've had too many shipping incidents with just bubble wrap and cardboard.  This policy is non negotiable.

We have over 150 chamber reamers in our inventory covering a broad spectrum of popular cartridge combinations.  As extensive as this is, there will be requests for wildcats.  We have no problem chambering your rifle in a cartridge outside of our inventory of reamers.  The official LRI policy on tooling is for the customer to source and purchase the reamer and GO gauge from Pacific Tool and Gauge, you must call to place your order in this case. 

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Do your research and homework before sending in your parts.  We have extensive knowledge about various calibers and parts, but we do not know EVERYTHING.  Being chained to the telephone discussing the latest "buzz word" cartridge only means that delivery schedules end up delayed.  Help us help you by keeping this to as much of a minimum as possible. 

The original LRI Sniper's Hide Group Buy can be found here: LRISHGB


Thank you all for participating.  The LRI crew is very appreciative to have your work.




If DLC coating is selected, you must call to finalize the details of your order. If you have not called within a reasonable amount of time we will attempt to call you. DLC will be an additional expense, quoted at the time you call. DLC coating an action is typically $200-300.