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Services - Bolt Fluting

Fluting the bolt is one of the most popular ways to personalize a rifle.  Since we opened our doors in 2009 we have fluted thousands of bolts.  Our Group Buy Program at ranks as one of the most successful in the history of the site.  We have invested heavily in our infrastructure to offer bolt fluting as one of the most affordable upgrades available to shooting enthusiasts.  Our turnaround is unmatched.  48 hours is the norm in all but the most extreme circumstances.

We offer three principle bolt fluting options in two different cutter geometries for both short and long actions.  They are Straight, Standard, and High Helix in the same geometry as our barrel fluting service.  Again, this greatly mitigates the sharp edge and the "grabby" feel that fluted bolts sometimes develop.  Both helical patterns features 6 flutes.  Straight fluted bolts use 7 as it "fills" the circumference of the bolt better.

The alternative tooling option is the more traditional "half arc" geometry.  We generally favor this on bolt bodies that are smaller diameter like the Tikka line of rifles.

This a sample of our fluting service for Winchester M70 push feed style bolts.  It was performed in the High Helix format using our alternative cutter normally reserved for smaller bolt bodies like those from Tikka.  It's also been fitted with our tactical bolt knob option.

Remington Model 700 bolts retrofitted with both AR-15 and Mini M-16 extractors are no problem.  We have specific programs designed for these modifications in both the short and long actions.  This ensures the flutes do not invade the extractor pocket feature or cross pin hole in any manner. 

The highly sought and popular aftermarket bolts offered by Pacific Tool and Gauge are also part of our standard service.  Our tooling is robust and the increased hardness of these bolts is actually advantageous from a machining standpoint because the surface finish were capable of providing is near mirror quality.


Certain bolts fitted with straight and/or one piece handles with oversize non removable knobs cannot be fluted by LongRifles, Inc. unless the bolt handle is removed prior to machining.   Bolts with extended straight handles machined from a single piece of solid bar stock cannot be done in any circumstance. 

(PTG one piece bolts with straight handles as shown above are the exception as the handle portion is short enough to clear our machine's tool package)

We are able to reattach two piece bolts but additional fees will be charged.  We also require that the client send in the entire rifle in this specific circumstance as the bolt and handle will need to be correctly indexed to ensure reliable primary extraction.  



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