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Based in the Black Hills of South Dakota, LongRifles, Inc. is a custom gunsmithing company with state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques.  The services we offer are extensive and some of the most unique in the precision rifle industry.  We pride ourselves in keeping all work in house where quality and processes can be managed closely.

We are not a "cottage" business.  We service rifles full time and pride ourselves on having attention to detail rivaled by few and the absolute best customer service in the industry.  We never stop the pursuit of doing the best job possible.  

LRI is also a registered DoD Defense contract supplier and a service provider to some of the biggest names in the firearms industry. 

Our experience covers a broad span; Ranging from competitive rifles for the Olympic and International Long Range arenas, traditional American Sporting rifles, Dangerous game/Safari, and precision tactical rifles that have seen actual service in the high threat environment. 

 Here at LRI we never forget that men will bet their lives on the work we do. 


-Chad Dixon

Founder and owner, Chad’s experience began in 1991 as a Primary Marksmanship Instructor and Range Coach in the US Marine Corps. 

Upon leaving the Marines, he pursued the machinist trades, working in aerospace, nuclear, and medical components manufacturing. Formal firearms experience was obtained with manufacturing and management positions for Anschutz, Nesika Bay Precision, and Dakota Arms, Inc.  

Later it expanded further with a three-year deployment working as the Chief Armorer and Firearms Instructor for the US Embassy in Baghdad Iraq.

He has also served with the US Dept. of State's Bureau of Diplomatic Security; High Threat Division.

Career highlights include rifles with official recognition in:

  • Two Olympic Gold Medals
  • World Championships, Palma/Fullbore  
  • International Smallbore Silhouette Championships
  • Presentation rifle for George W. Bush, President of the United States
  • Presentation rifle for Richard R. Cheney, Vice President of the United States.
  • Presentation rifle for His Majesty, King Abdullah II of Jordan.
  • Numerous "Top Prize" Trophy Rifles donated to PRS events
  • Current Sponsor of PRS National Points Leader, Jake Vibbert

-Kalli Dixon

Office Manager, and The Voice of LRI. Kalli wears a lot of hats here.  Her presence here is often thankless and underscored but make no mistake, this company would not exist in the capacity that it does without her.  She is the “Boss’s Boss and we are lucky to have her. 


-Eric Termeer

General Manager, Barreling Department 


-Kalyb Miller

Barrel Fluting, Receiver Blueprinting, Engraving Departments


-Tanner Reasor

Stock and Metalwork Finishing Departments


-Shayne Anderson

Stock fitting Department


-Derrick Butts

Receiver Blueprinting, Manufacturing Departments 




-Jake Vibbert 

Residing in Cheney Washington, Jake owns JC Steel targets Inc. and is a strong competitor in the Precision Rifle Series. In just three years, he has earned an impressive shooting resume with consistent top finishes at national level events. 

A devoted husband and father, Jake has formal degrees in sports medicine and youth ministry. An avid outdoorsman, he enjoys hunting and fishing with his family and mentoring disadvantaged children through his youth ministry service.

Make an introduction to Jake and you’ll be responded to instantly with a big grin and firm handshake. One is hard pressed to find a nicer person. We at LRI are very fortunate to have Jake representing our rifles and we wish him well with all of his shooting efforts.

Jake’s competitive shooting titles include:


  • Current PRS National Points leader


  • Current PRS National Points leader


  • 1st Place-2015 Arizona Precision Rifle Championship
  • 1st Place-Snipers Hide Cup Colorado
  • 1st Place-Northwest Precision Rifle League CW
  • 2nd Place-Rifles Only 308 Bash Texas
  • 3rd place overall finish in the Precision Rifle Series.
  • 3rd Place-Precision Rifle Series Championship California
  • 4th Place- PRS Quiet Riot Utah
  • 10th Place-Heat Stoke Open Oklahoma


  • 1st Place Overall LRH division
  • 1st Place-Silencerco quiet riot Precision Rifle Utah
  • 1st Place-Field Shooters Challenge
  • 1st Place-Vantage Precision Rifle 
  • 2nd Place-Benchmark Winter Shootout
  • 5th Place Idaho precision rifle series 
  • 6th Place-Precision Rifle Championship Texas
  • 9th place NorCal bolt rifle challenge
  • 9th place tactical matches rifle championship


  • 1st Place-FSC Washington
  • 1st Place-Kettle Falls Steel Challenge
  • 1st Place-In-Motion Team Rifle Challenge
  • 2nd Place-PRS Findlay Cup
  • 1st Place-Field Shooters Championship
  • 2nd Place-Oregon Sniper Challenge
  • 2nd Place- Big Steel Challenge
  • 4th place- Washington Findlay Cup


 -Brock Gasper

Our “one eye’d wonder”! Brock is a born and raised Black Hills native. In 24+years of competitive shooting I have never met anyone as dedicated to this sport as Brock. Soft spoken, always in a great mood, he brings an energy and purity to this game that inspires everyone around him to work harder. –The quiet professional. 

Brock is a father. When he isn’t shooting and fishing with his boys, he runs his auto body repair shop affectionately known as “The Bondo Factory.”  His competitive shooting began in 2006 with local events in Bench Rest and F-Class. In 2012 he began entering in tactical style competitions and his formal intro into the PRS started in 2014. 

Brock’s shooting accomplishments include: 

• M&M Tactical Long Range Match winner.
• M&M Tactical overall champion
• 2015 Spirit of the Match award
• South Dakota Precision Rifle Points Series 4th place
• Fun gun Shoot 2nd Place Overall
• Competition Dynamics Steel Safari 12th place
• Tactical supply Precision Rifle Shooters Jamboree 4th place
• Breakneck Challenge 7th place
• Bad River Boom 7th place

• Rocky Mountain Steel Quest 4th place
• Steel Safari tied for 8th
• Fung un Shoot long range match winner

• ARC Mid and Long range Gong match winner
• ARC F-class match winner
• ARC Varmint match winner

• 2011 Fun gun Shoot long range match winner
• 2010 Turkey Shoot match winner
• 2009 Buffalo Chip Team Precision Rifle Series Champion