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Custom Rifles - Heavy Hunter / Heavy Tactical

Our Heavy Hunter line tends to emulate long distance tactical rifles. Massive receivers, heavy barrel contours, and hard hitting ultra high performance magnum calibers, are all traits with "Overwatch" type precision rifles common to the war on terror. As with anything, as you reach the extreme of anything, the usable application tends to narrow. These are not the kinds of rifles that most would haul over mountains and through valleys. Rifles tend to behave like golf clubs in some ways. These are the hard hitting drivers that put you on the green. 

We discourage the use of featherweight barrels on rifles like this because the cartridges typically bring a barrel to temperature very quickly.  Aggressive shot cadences can easily lead to  splashes that aren't on call due to overheating.  Heavy barrels also make a rifle more forgiving, both in recoil and in ammunition sensitivity.  The use of a muzzle brake or suppressor is common as they mitigate recoil. 

Rigs like this have gained enormous popularity in recent years and stock makers have answered the demand.  The Manner's T5-A and McMillan A-5 are both excellent candidates.   The combination of a more vertical grip, broad forend, and the ability to adjust the cheek weld height is almost a must.  Long distance shooting requires premium, high magnification optics so scopes tend to sit higher over the receiver.


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