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Services - Muzzle Threading

The custom rifle industry has experienced a huge surge in suppressor ownership over the last 5 years.  More and more states are coming to understand that sound suppressor use on a firearm is just good common sense.  It makes a firing line safer because communication between range officers and shooters is much easier.  The noise reduction also allows ranges and developed properties to coexist with far less animosity.

All of our barrel work is performed on a state of the art precision slant bed CNC turning center.  All threads are qualified using certified traceable gauging from West Port, Pratt and Whitney, and JIR. 

CNC turning centers offer the advantage of being able to machine threads at the elevated rates modern carbide threading inserts are designed for.  It greatly mitigates the risk of ruining suppressor threads made from "super alloys" like Titanium, Inconel, Waspaloy, etc. by delivering superior surface finish quality.  Certified, bright and shiny threads held to close tolerances just work better.

LRI's barrel work is based on over a decade of common sense machining practices to ensure the bore centerline of the barrel is properly aligned to the spindle center of the machine.  Every barrel we thread is also crowned at 11 degrees using the single point method as part of the standard threading service.  We also easily adapt between Imperial and Metric thread forms at no additional cost to our clients.


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