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GUNSMITHING SERVICES: Cerakote Application

  • $ 25000

NIC Industries Cerakote is a porcelain based coating specially formulated for firearms.  It offers a tough and abrasion tolerant finish with over 90 different colors available!   Highly tolerant to solvents and chemicals, it has earned its status as the standard finish for many gunsmiths.

LRI has a sterling facility for Cerakote application.  Our large capacity ovens are free of hot/cold spots that can muddle the finish and our paint booth uses filtered air to ensure your parts are free of foreign matter.  Our experienced staff only uses professional grade Sata spray guns for superior application.


Components covered under "Complete Barreled Action" service are:

  • Receiver*
  • Recoil Lug
  • Barrel
  • Bolt Body and handle*
  • Bolt Shroud
  • Side Bolt Release (when applicable)
  • Muzzle brake/thread protector (when applicable)

Items that are not coated under "Complete Barreled Action" service:

  • Internal Receiver ring threads
  • Barrel tennon threads
  • Muzzle Threads
  • Small pins/screws


*Notes regarding receivers and bolts:

We are often asked not to coat receiver internals and/or bolt bodies out of concerns for fitment issues.  It is a fact that some actions are purposely built with less clearance in the interest of improved accuracy.

LRI asks that you allow us to do our job.  When painting a car, for instance, better paint and body shops have the experience to know how painted surfaces must be prepared so that assemblies function properly.  A bolt-action firearm is no different.  We are very experienced and comfortable with fitting parts, so they will perform to standard once coated.  It is a fundamental part of gunmaking. 

Remington J Lock bolt shrouds:

Disassembly of a J Lock is not exactly trivial.  It is comparable to picking a lock, and the tool must be hand-ground from a Xacto blade.  We've had hit-or-miss success with this in the past, so moving forward, it is a job we now decline.

*Notes regarding chassis type rifle stocks:

Coating your chassis is no problem for us.  One thing LRI does that may be different from others is we completely tear down the chassis to base components.  Each part is prepped and sprayed individually.  Doing so ensures parts are free of contaminates and that adjustments still function as intended.   The abrasive media used to prep surfaces must be completely removed and this is nearly impossible to do on a fully assembled stock.   




Special ordering of colors:

Our library of colors is extensive, but we do not carry every color offered.  We are happy to special order a color not in stock, however this does have additional fees.  The smallest quantity we order is pint size and the cost of product/shipping is divided equally.  Any remaining product becomes the property of LRI.

 NIC Color Options

 Sample of LRI Cerakote application to barreled action



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