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Services - Surfaced Chassis Block Machining

Rifle stocks utilizing alloy "chassis" or "bedding" blocks have gained increasing popularity over the last decade.  LongRifles, Inc. began improving upon it in 2012 when we were awarded a service contract for an international Security and Risk Management company. (Security Contracting)

A semi trailer full of M-24 weapon systems deployed in the world's most dangerous high threat environments arrived and we went to work.  As part of the agreement, a more reliable system for registering the barreled action to the stock  was needed, while still observing the  MIL-SPEC requirements established for the M24 weapon system.

Our exclusive "Surfaced Machined" chassis service was born from this need and it has grown into one of our most popular upgrades for shooters using the embedded chassis blocks common to rifle stocks like Bell and Carlson and others.

The technique is an adaptation from the mold and die manufacturing industry where complex geometries are machined directly into materials using cutting edge 3D design and software packages combined with precision CNC machining centers.

The advantages over the conventional "V" block used by the majority of chassis stock manufacturers is that the receiver "nests" over a broader contact patch.  It emulates the 1:1 fit achieved by traditional bedding techniques using epoxy resins to make a casting of the action.  On actions like the M700 Remington where the tang of the receiver narrows it virtually eliminates the action  attempting to lift off the stock when the rear guard screw is tightened to its optimal torque value. (Generally accepted as a range of 40 to 65 inch lbs.) 


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