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Custom Rifles - All Weather Safari and Dangerous Game

Going to Africa is a rare opportunity and life changing experience.  Your commitment as a sportsman must be mirrored in the rifle you carry.  Our Safari and Dangerous Game rifles are typically built on proven control round feed action designs like the Dakota Arms Model 76 and Pre 64 Winchester Model 70’s. 

The use of modern composite stocks, processes, and firearms coatings gives these guns an all weather capability  intended for rugged and intense use. 

Our unique pillar bedding system combined with double cross pinning the  stock ensures your rifle delivers exceptional accuracy anywhere in the world.

Detail items such as Ken Howel Sling studs, properly timed screws, and clean lines delivers the lineage and legacy to the old world guns that are so highly respected in this exclusive community.   Barrel crowns are not an afterthought, rather a careful variation of the traditional crown.  They feature a true single pointed 11* target angle that transitions elegantly to the well established radiused sporter crown.

Our efforts are in no way intended to replace the classic designs of days past.  They are meant as an alternative more suited to the modern age we live in through the use of advanced composites and finishes designed for anywhere in the world.

Heavy recoiling cartridges such as the 416 Rigby are made manageable through the use of shock absorbing recoil pads, mercury recoil reduction tubes, and muzzle brakes when requested. 

As always, we strive to build rifles that tell a story with every scratch and dent acquired only after a lifetime of faithful service.


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