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Services - Bolt Knob Installation for M700 and M70

The addition of a tactical bolt knob is probably the single most popular upgrade to both the Remington M700 and Winchester M70 line of actions.   Our process does not involve turning/threading the factory knob as they are riddled with internal casting flaws.  These flaws can lead to failure resulting in a broken handle.  Instead we make a heat treated thread insert from tool grade steel.  It's proven itself for long term, trouble free service.  Our turnaround is unmatched.  48 hours is the norm in all but the most extreme circumstances.

A variety of knobs exist in today's market.  We are happy to install any manufacturer's bolt knob as part of our standard service so long as it uses the popular 5/16-24 thread pitch. Other styles can also be installed but may incur additional charges.

IMPORTANT NOTES:  The M700 has been in production since 1962. Over the years there have been style changes to bolt handles to suit the style trends of the time. Certain versions have a bolt knob with a very narrow transition to the bolt handle. Because we use a threaded insert, there is  not enough material to install our thread insert and ensure reliable performance.  



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