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Custom Rifles - Light and Medium Hunter

Light and Medium Hunter rifles typically follow the classic lines and styles demanded by the American Sportsman. Rifles typically fall into a weight range of 6.5 to 11.0lbs and use  #3 to #5 sporter contour barrels.  Chambers are offered in a broad range of cartridges to suit any application.  When applicable, they are also available in a blind magazine option to further reduce overall weight. 

A featherweight rifle chambered in a fast, flat shooting caliber becomes an excellent candidate for alpine use when fitted with powerful optics.   This is when the overall package must be considered.  Below is an example taken from actual experience.

November, 2012:

LRI delivered a light weight 7mm-08 Ackley Improved hunting rig to Ivory Horn Outfitters located in the Crazy Mountains of Montana.  (Shawn and Cory Peters)  The rifle was fitted with a fluted #3 contour barrel and setup as an ADL magazine configuration.  It proved very accurate and worthy, tagging out several animals the first week of Elk Season with the highlight being a 697 yard one shot kill on a Rocky Mountain Billy Goat.   All was well until we received a phone call from Shawn with a problem he was having.

The early morning drive in a toasty warm pickup was the catalyst.  Upon exiting the vehicle falling snow would land on the rifle and melt.   Once the rifle's temperature normalized the water again froze and the bolt started to stick.  It was a simple fix (some additional clearance and more aggressive bolt fluting resolved the issue) and the lesson was again reinforced to us that thinking ahead is never a bad idea.  Guided hunts are a luxury item and they are expensive.  It's important to us that a client gets the most enjoyment from the experience.


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