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How to order from LongRifles, Inc.

LRI strives to make the order process as painless as possible.

If you order products (not services) other than a serialized action from this site it works just like you would expect: You place the order, we ship the products, they show up at your door.

Most of our orders are for one or more gunsmithing services, the process of ordering these services is also straightforward:

  • Order services using this website.
  • Box your parts for shipment to us, be sure to pack them carefully.
  • Include a copy of your purchase receipt inside the box.
  • Ship the package to:
        3570 MAYER AVE STE B
        STURGIS, SD 57785


You will receive a confirmation via email when your parts have been inspected and checked in.


Link regarding the shipment of Firearms via the United States Postal Service 



Thank you for choosing to do business with us.


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