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NOTE: Gunsmithing Services are invasive and will most often (directly with tooling or indirectly with work holding) damage existing surface finishes on parts such as receivers. LRI offers a full menu of finish options for your components, please ensure you have also added an appropriate finish option to your cart if applicable.

Finish Options

Cerakote (most popular)
Parkerize Carbon Steel Action
Parkerize Carbon Steel Bolt
Glass Bead Stainless


  • $ 17500

Altering a barrel channel is often required during a caliber swap or change in contour.  It can also benefit shooters after a performance gain by free-floating* the barrel ahead of the recoil lug.

*Free-floating is nothing more than ensuring the barrel hangs in "space" ahead of the action/recoil lug so that it is allowed to vibrate naturally as the projectile passes down the bore.

Traditionally this process has been done by using a variety of hand tools.  The quality of the fit/finish varies based on the skill sets of the person doing it.  LRI's pioneering effort to utilize cnc machining practices combined with software ushers this process into the modern age.  

An exact surface model of the barrel being fitted is made in the computer.  From this, tool paths are created using 3D surface machining strategies.  A true 1:1 mirror feature is the reward along with the required clearance so that the barrel hangs in space while retaining a clean presentation. 


The video details our entire stock fitment and pillar bedding service.  The barrel channel work starts at 2:50.

 Carbon wrap.  Add some flair to the job by opting for the carbon inlay elective.  Here we "wrap" the channel with 3M Cast heavyweight carbon vinyl for a unique look.  This service is purely cosmetic and offers no performance gain.

NOTE:  Carbon Wrap is only available for composite and wood stocks with a conventional barrel channel.   Channels with pockets do not qualify for this service.


It is important to remember that the rifle stock determines the physical size limits of a barrel contour.  The margins along the showline should never be exceeded or taken "to the edge" as this always results in severe chipping due to a lack of material.   

LRI reserves the right to use good judgment on this practice.  Clients will be contacted before any work takes place on jobs that might be questionable.

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