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LRI SIG KILO 2000 Tripod Mount

  • $ 7499

The new SIG KILO 2000 range finder has earned some raving reviews.  Powerful, easy to use, and like the Leica 1600B, almost completely useless when attempting to "paint" a small target at distance without the aid of artificial support.

The solution is our tripod adapter. The demand from shooters for a small, light weight, and absence of tools or complicated assembly was a must.  The LRI mount answers the demand on all fronts.

  • 723 grains in weight. -50 caliber target bullets weigh more.
  • No moving pieces.  -Slip friction fit due to the "spring" design of the adapter.
  • No tools.  Attaches directly to any tripod or QD mount using a 1/4-20 screw. 

These are bar stock machined pieces.  No extrusions.  We start with a 1lb block of 6061 T6 aluminum and machine every feature on the part.

You'll soon discover that the SIG KILO 2000 emulates the performance of range finders costing 2-3x times once mounted to a stable platform.

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