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LRI Action Wrench for Ruger RPR and AR15's

  • $ 9500

LRI is proud to offer a professional armorers grade tool specific for the removal and replacement of factory barrels from the Ruger RPR, AR15 and Magnum Ruger RPR rifle platforms.  Elimination of sheared pins, ruined barrel nuts, broken tools, and loss of blood is the goal!


  • Bar stock machined from billet steel.  Nothing is cast.
  • 360* contact with the barrel nut.
  • Pressed and TIG welded Cold Forged 1/2" drive socket for easy adaptation to standard breaker bars and torque wrenches*
  • Fully machined and contoured to mitigate wear and tear on gun parts and your hands
  • Easy to use!
  • Parkerized finish for corrosion resistance

Note:  Some photos here showing the tool being used/made is prior to finishing.  All tools are parkerized in house prior to delivery.  This is to increase the corrosion tolerance of the tool and ensure a long service life.

Standard RPR/AR-15 Wrench:

Standard RPR/AR-15 Wrench:

Magnum RPR Wrench:
Magnum RPR Barrel Nut Wrench



  • *Use of quality tools for barrel removal and installation is strongly encouraged. Factory installed barrels can be extremely challenging to remove.  We use a 36" long 1/2" drive breaker bar for barrel removal.  
  • Torque wrenches should never be used for a barrel removal! Doing so can ruin the wrench and/or corrupt the calibration.  The use of ratchets should also be avoided as its relatively easy to overpower the gearbox and ruin the tool.
  • Open Flame should NEVER be used to heat an action to aid in removal.  Doing so can destroy the heat treatment of the steel making the action dangerous to use.


  • Occasionally even the best tools will not be enough to do the job.  Sometimes barrel nuts simply will not let go.  In these rare circumstances we have found the best practice is to machine a relief groove slightly ahead of the shoulder to relax the extreme tensile load of the threads.  It will ruin the barrel, but save the action, your tools, and your hands from damage.

*This product has been revised over time to improve performance.  Your order may differ slightly in appearance than what is shown.



This tool requires a little math to use.  Torque wrenches are calibrated to the centerline of the square drive  Our tool is offset.  Because of this torque values have to be reconfigured to ensure the desired amount is actually applied to the fastener. Check the following link for more information on calculating torque offset while using this wrench:



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