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LRI Trigger Guard

  • $ 8500

A single shot rifle using the two rear screws presents well when fitted with a nice trigger guard. The desire to adhere to this compelled us to start making guards for actions where this is not available.  That lead us to expanding the products for other receivers and bringing the entire process in house.

Available for receivers using the popular hole spacing for the middle/rear action screws.  

This spacing is common to:

  • Kelbly Stolle Panda F Class
  • Nesika single shot short actions (C, J, R)
  • Nesika single shot mid length and long actions (G, L, M)
  • Stiller Rimfire
  • Vudoo Gunworks Rimfire

While we were at it, we made the effort to solve some fundamental issues that have plagued other brands for over a decade.  Our guards are designed to be "drop in".  Simply to mean triggers will clear without modification.

To offer a degree of style and elegance, the bow features a radius on the arch and "hips" on the axial length.

These are also available in a variety of finishes for an extra fee:

  • In the white
  • Full mirror polish (SS only)
  • Glass Bead (SS only)
  • Parkerized (carbon steel only)
  • Blued (BOTH carbon and SS steel)
  • Case colored (carbon steel only)
  • Niter Blue (carbon or stainless)
  • Cerakote oven cure (carbon or stainless)

Polished trigger guard

Polished trigger guard mated to a Kelbly Panda in a GRS stock


Color case hardened trigger guard

Color case-hardened trigger guard



Machined carbon and stainless steel left "in the white".

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