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LRI Stencil Kits for Painting

  • $ 15000

LRI's stencil kits are made from premium vinyl oven rated to 200*F.   They are made on a top of the line Graphtec vinyl cutter for easy removal and application.   The vinyl is very flexible and easily conforms to irregular contours.  Simply peel and stick!

Sheets are made for applying our patterns to a single rifle.  Optics may require an additional sheet.  Tape, paint/coating, and other masking material is not included.


"DMP" (Digital MisPrint)  LRI's signature pattern developed and produced completely in house.

The story:   We wanted a "digital" theme that emulated John Wayne "Green Beret's" 1960's ARVN Vietnam camouflage.   At the time we were just getting started with learning graphics software.  A key/setting on the computer was accidentally pushed on the computer and this pattern suddenly appeared.

The save button got mashed instantly and we've been using it ever since.

LRI Digital:  Our Debut pattern, a slight variant of the original "MARPAT" scheme

LRI Webbed:  A variation of a popular commercial pattern

Stencil sheet in use:



  • For a professional finish, we encourage DIY'rs to consider purchasing a hot air gun used for applying wing coverings on RC airplanes.  These can be purchased at better RC hobby shops in your area. The RC covering guns use a much lower temperature than conventional hot air guns.  This greatly helps when laying up patterns on stocks and the irregular curves common to barreled actions/AR-15's.
  • Blotting the stencil with a hard sponge helps it to "pull down" on edges for crisp definition.
  • When painting, go "light to dark" on your chosen color scheme.  Darker colors "hide" lighter tones much easier.  This will help to reduce edge buildup on the stencils. 
  • Coat carefully to avoid edge buildup on the stencils.  "Less Is More." With Cerakote you still need to completely hide the substrate and you'll want the wet sheen that NRC describes in their guidelines.  With a little practice and proper gun settings you can find a narrow sweet spot where CK lays on wet, yet does not form the heavy meniscus like edge that clings to the stencils.  This is where you want to be.  A properly finished stock will be one dimensional and look more like a screen printed T shirt than a paint job.   
  • Curing Temperatures for oven cure Cerakote:  We've painted hundreds/thousands of composite stocks from Manner's Composites, McMillan, H/S, B/C, Robertson, and many others.  Cerakote oven cure can be used on these items if careful.   LRI does not advocate exceeding 160*F on any composite gun stock when baking.  Do so at your own risk!
  • Peeling:  LRI stencils peel best when warm.  Our process is to allow the stock to cure for 2 hours at 155*F before we remove the vinyl.  This has shown to make the process easier because the stencil material is still semi flexible.  It will peel rather than flake.


Our stencil kits are a consumable item designed for one time use.

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