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LRI M40 STYLE SA/LA M700 Optic bases with 20MOA included elevation

  • $ 17500

The Remington 700 conversion to an M40 involves "clip slotting" the receiver to accept the M40-type base.   Several manufacturers have made these over the years, and we've installed them all.

Our base is meant to take this conversion into the next chapter.  It is not intended to be a "period correct" replica.   For starters, we made a material change.  Mild steel is good, but 7075 aluminum is just as strong with 40% less weight.  Next, we added subtle detail features like fully contouring the root of the STENAG lugs so that you are less likely to bleed when handling the rifle.  We also added 20 minutes of included angle so that your optic's refractor lens lives closer to its mechanical zero for improved resolution.  Our base is set up specifically for the stronger 8-40 base screws with T15 Torx sockets.

Last, we offer these in both SA and LA configurations. 


Video clip of our LA base being 2nd op machined:

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