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LRI Precision Recoil Lugs for M700 and Tikka-T3 style actions

  • $ 4999

As with most of our products, they are fostered from the need to solve a genuine problem.  Our M700 type lugs are offered in the original Remington OEM footprint in 3 different material options. 

The M700 Profile Heavy Tactical lug was made to answer the needs of shooters desiring a heavier lug profile that is still capable of dropping into today's popular chassis type rifle stocks.  The Heavy and M700 profile lugs share many of the same fundamental features, however this lug is narrower in width across the lower portion so that it will fit without additional machine work to the stock.

Our recoil lugs address the need to be gentle with bedding work.  While very strong, epoxies are still very susceptible to abrasion and chipping damage.  We minimize this risk by designing our lugs with generous corner fillets and a machined edge on all sides of the part.  Additional features include a chamfer on the internal bore where the barrel passes through. This "edge break" is large enough so that when using a 1/64" radius turning tool on the lathe to fit a barrel, the fillet created by the tool can remain, thus creating a stronger joint than an undercut, aka "virtual" corner.

We offer three material options for recoil lugs.  4130 Chromoly, 416R Stainless, and 6AL4V Titanium.  We install dowel pin holes (2) in the lug body so that they can pinned to the receiver.  For a bedded rifle this is an important upgrade as it ensures that the lug will clock to the same location after a barrel change.  Combined with the 2* draft angle on the sides of the lug, the barreled action will separate from the stock with much less effort than other designs during disassembly.

Last, the bore of the lug is enlarged to 1.09".  This way a 1.0625" diameter barrel tennon never makes contact with it.  The only loading applied is front and aft.  Doing so in combination with the precision ground surfaces ensures the lug is completely "static" when pulled up tight between the barrel shoulder and receiver face.

These solutions are all very subtle, but ones that any marquee-level gunsmith has faced when building and stocking rifles.  




The Tikka-T3:

We've proven time and time again that the Tikka action is an underdog holding enormous potential for reliable, rugged, and exceptionally accurate rifles.  Updating to our recoil lug for the Tikka requires radical and invasive machine work to the receiver's front ring.  This alteration stems from client requests to fit a Tikka barreled action into wood and composite rifle stocks not originally designed for this receiver.  

We chose this recoil lug design over the factory version because it has a long legacy of success.  When combined with our highly admired stocking services, ranked as the absolute best available today by top level shooters, you are rewarded with a rock solid foundation capable of delivering predictable performance in almost any circumstance.

-Note:  This lug is not a drop in fit.  It requires invasive machine work to the front ring on the action.  This type of work should only be performed by a qualified machinist/gunsmith fluent and comfortable with machining heat treated steels.  LRI is happy to perform this service for you.

This process is a bell that cannot be unrung.  A barreled action modified this way will no longer fit into a factory Tikka stock without additional and extensive modification.



Tikka receiver modification service can be found here:

Tikka Lug installation