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LRI Billet 7075AL STENAG Rail Scope Bases

  • $ 15400

First, start with a superior material.  7075 T651 AL is a unique alloy because it almost replicates the hardness and durability of mild steel while also enjoying the 60% weight savings aluminum offers.  It machines beautifully and is very stable, so material distortion from machining is minimal.

We make our bases in-house and use a wire EDM GO/NO GO gauge to ensure our STENAG geometry meets the NATO specification.  This is important as it ensures that ring sets register properly and attach parallel to the bore centerline of the receiver.

Our conventional M700 SA/LA bases have an integrated lug feature so that recoil from the rifle is transmitted directly to the base.  This drastically reduces the powerful shearing-type loads that the base screws normally have to endure.  Our USMC M40 base* is a clone of the original but is offered with 5.92 Mil Radians (20moa) of elevation built into the base and is intended for 8-40 sized scope base screws.  Our bases also include rolled threads, Torx head type screws made in the USA.  

We also offer bases for the Winchester M70 line series of actions in various elevations.  


If you have a unique application that calls for a "one-off" solution, LRI can help.  Our design and machining resources here are extensive and some of the best that the custom gunmaking industry offers.  We work closely with several high-level OEM manufacturers on product development and with individual clients to solve problems.


The front base screw may require fitting on some actions.  This is because blueprinted receivers often use a larger diameter barrel tennon thread.  The front screw can sometimes contact the barrel threads before the head of the screw clamps down on the counterbore of the scope base.  

*M40 bases must be fitted with additional machine work to the M700 action

LRI M40 receiver Clip Slotting




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