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The 3.9 ULTACH (Ultra Light Titanium Aluminum Cheek Hardware) adjustable cheek hardware  answers needs from the Alpine and tactical hunting/shooting community for the lightest possible cheek hardware.  Our hardware is the lightest available weighing in at only 3.9 oz.!

The ULTACH features fully CNC machined billet 6061 T6 Aluminum upper and lower halves with 6AL-4V Titanium guide pins and clamping hardware.   No extrusions are used.  We machine ours from genuine bar stock.  Guide pins are internally broached for 5/32's allen sockets for easy adjustment.  Clamping hardware is spring loaded for ease of removal and assembly.

Installation hardware included as shown:  Stainless steel machine screws and machined brass thread inserts, eliminating the need for drywall screws.

NOTE:*  The top half of the ULTACH is made with weight savings in mind. Installation of this unit is possible with careful machining on manual equipment. 



Below are setup prints/sheets and manual "point to point" programs that can be done by hand with a DRO on a conventional manual knee mill. 

It is recommended to use a "peck cycle" machine strategy when installing. 

Simply to mean that you first set your X/Y zero position, next establish Z while also setting a Z zero stop on the quill feed.  Once setup, execute using the endmill as a drill and "peck" the inner profile.  The positions provided are for ON CENTER positioning of a 1/4" diameter flat bottom, center cutting end mill with at least 1/2" LOC (Length of Cut).  The positions account for the tool radius.

The provided positions are for one 1/4 of the total profile.  To do the other side(s) simply replace X for an X MINUS and do the same for the Y.  Z never changes.  You will notice a small island of material left in the center once complete.  This is removed with careful input of the table handles.  Additional work may be required by hand to remove the small scallops remaining along the inside pocket walls.  








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