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LRI Cathedral Port Muzzle Brake

  • $ 15999

Muzzle brakes are a popular way to make a heavy recoiling rifle more manageable. They also help optics remain on target to spot "the splash" or "red mist." Our brakes have evolved over time.  Beginning with non radial holes to our current variation loosely based on the cathedral intake port design of the General Motors LS-1 V-8 engine. These ports are not simple "gills" common to brakes of this style. They are 3D surface machined ports with a progressive geometry that narrows as it moves towards the center bore. 

It's a more elaborate and expensive way to manufacture a brake, but the performance we've enjoyed suggests a benefit. Our manufacturing process is unique because the barreled action is integrated with the process.  This ensures a perfect port index relative to the receiver.   Because of this it is important to understand that our brake is not a "one size fits all" accessory.  We only install our brakes with the barrel in hand.  "Custom does not come in a box."

The seamless transition from barrel to muzzle brake is achieved with our state of the art equipment and careful blending during the finishing processes.  The result is a presentation level fit and finish. Brakes are available in popular thread pitches common with many suppressor manufacturers for ease of transition from range to the field for those states that do not allow hunting with suppressors.

Here is our brake in action at the 2015 Sniper's Hide Cup:   Mr. Matthew Medearis piloting an LRI built Mausingfield in 6mm Creedmoor.  Target is a 3-4mph "mover" approximately 540 yards away.

Pay attention to the muzzle of the rifle once he gets on his cadence.  


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