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LRI "SuperDurty" Series Professional Gunsmith Barrel Polishing Cassettes

  • $ 17500

A variety of methods are used to bring up the finish of a rifle barrel.  The method we've relied on for over 15 years is the barrel spinner.  A mirror finish is easily obtainable with a vertical belt sander/grinder.  The primary advantage of our system is residue from abrasive belts is kept far, far away from the precision bed way surfaces on equipment like lathes and mills. 

Second is time; Once fluent with the procedure, polishing a barrel becomes a very quick process.

LRI's cassettes are 100% CNC machined from 6061 T6 bar stock.  Like any top-quality hand tool, they are ergonomically profiled on all surfaces to mitigate user fatigue.   Cassettes slip onto a 1" DOM steel or aluminum tube. (not included) and are fitted with sealed bearings.  Barrel retention centers are O'ringed, so they stay put and are made of Delrin, so they'll never mark up a delicate target crown on a barrel. (replacements available separately) One cassette is fitted with a convenient, rapid adjustment multi-position lever so the next job can be "tool-free." 

These cassettes are made with the professional user in mind.  They provide an expedient means of bringing a barrel to the desired surface finish and are designed to last for years in the commercial environment.

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