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  • $ 4500

Faceting the OEM bolt shroud on a Remington M700 or M7 can make a remarkable difference in the overall presentation of a rifle.  For the extreme light weight hunting crowd, an added plus is shaving a tiny bit of weight in the process.  By our scales were seeing a 1/10th of an ounce change in weight.  A trivial gain by most standards, but this does make the rifle lighter.

  • OEM Carbon Steel shroud: 1.7oz 
  • Faceted OEM Carbon Steel Shroud: 1.6oz.

The main intent of this service is to offer a little identity to a rifle.  There are no gains to be made in performance.  We neither make nor support any claims that accuracy will improve or degrade.

As with all the services we offer like this, the process starts in a state of the art 4 axis milling center.  The parent part is probed to determine the exact position first.  From there, its pretty straight forward machine work.



This is a service.  You must send us your part(s) for this to be done.

Remington J Locks:  We do NOT offer this service for the J Lock fire control.



Shroud concentricity and length can vary on bolt shrouds.  This can/may alter the final presentation from images shown.

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