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GUNSMITHING SERVICES: Bolt Handle Skeletonizing for the M700

GUNSMITHING SERVICES: Bolt Handle Skeletonizing for the M700

  • $ 10000

Turn your bolt handle into a wing spar!  We've taken this to a new level.  Where most shops simply drill holes through your barrel, here at LRI we match the handle's natural contour when pocketing the center sections.

The weight savings is minimal.  A 16lb PRS type rifle isn't going to benefit much from having this service performed.  However a slimline sporter with a fluted barrel, bolt, light stock, etc. will appreciate the additional savings this kind of work offers.

We do have some limitations with this work.  Older legacy Remington's do no lend well for this service because the handle is very narrow where it transitions to the knob.  The newer version from Remington is what our machining programs is tailored for.  If you have an older handle, we will have to replace it with the newer style prior.

We are able to add a tactical bolt knob installation to this service, however the smallest pocket feature closest to the knob is deleted.  This is to preserve handle strength where the knob installs.

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