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GUNSMITHING SERVICES:  Ruger RPR Barrel Removal and Installation

GUNSMITHING SERVICES: Ruger RPR Barrel Removal and Installation

  • $ 12500

The Ruger RPR is sold as an "end user" rifle and by and large it is.  Barrel installation is intended to be very easy because of the spanner/jam nut configuration.  All of this is supposed to be done with easily obtained tools.  An AR15 Armorer's wrench, the appropriate headspace gauges, and a barrel vice.

Unfortunately, its not that simple.  A large number of RPR's leave the Ruger facility with an impressive amount of torque applied to the barrel nut.  So bad that it will often times ruin both the nut and the armorer's wrench during a teardown.  What complicates this further is that Ruger will not sell replacement barrel nuts to end users. They will only deal with FFLs.

The barrel torque issue is what compelled us to design and produce the LRI action wrench for the RPR.  Since doing so we've never damaged a single part on these rifles.

LRI is exceptionally well equipped to service the RPR.  We've done hundreds of these guns since their debut in 2013.  The experience gained ensures your upgrade is a smooth process where your parts are treated with the respect they deserve.

This service covers the following:

  • Removal of barrel installed on rifle
  • Cleaning/servicing relevant parts
  • Installation of new barrel
  • Reassembly
  • setting/verifying proper headspace
  • Feed/function test
  • Test fire with live ammunition


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