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RPR Pro Shop

LRI is an industry leader in direct replacement Ruger RPR accessories.  Our crafted match grade, single point cut rifled barrels elevate your RPR to a performance envelope that emulates rifles costing 5x as much!

The ability to conveniently change calibers, cartridges, twist rates, and finish lengths without the lengthy wait times is icing on the cake.  We work extremely hard to ensure our inventory remains healthy.  

Our barrel program enjoys the reputation as the best and fastest in the custom rifle industry.  

We begin to process our custom RPR barrel in 96 hours or less. -Unheard of in the custom rifle industry!

Delivery times typically run between 4-10 days.  High demand can extend this to 14 days.   Rest assured, we build these as quickly as possible, but will never sacrifice the quality we are known for.

Barrels are built to suit. 

The Difference:

The LRI reputation of unparalleled quality, exceptional customer service, and a hard earned rock solid reputation makes your upgrade path of the RPR a painless and enjoyable experience.  

Here, you are taken care of by our staff who are passionately involved in the precision rifle community.  We devote the time to both navigate and educate you on the best option for your application.

Our extensive product line includes bolt shrouds, bolt knobs, and high quality tools allow you to personalize and service your rifle from the comfort of your home.

Our Custom Gunmaking services allow you to take your RPR to even higher levels.  Some of the services we offer include:

  • Custom barrel fluting in a variety of patterns
  • Custom Engraving on barrels and shrouds
  • Custom Cerakote finishing
  • Muzzle Brake Installation