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American Rifle Company

Boasting the multi-caliber support of toroidal locking lugs that never need lapping, an interlocking scope mount, a Mauser extractor and a Springfield ejector, American Rifle Company’s Mausingfield action is a unique fusion of modern design and battle-proven features from bolt actions past. 

The Mausingfield is compatible with aftermarket components designed for use with the Remington Model 700, such as triggers, trigger guards, and magazines, stocks, and chassis. 

And as if that’s not enough, the Mausingfield is also compatible with Savage barrels and lock nuts, enabling you to install off-the-shelf turnkey barrels without the need for expensive equipment or custom machining. 

The Mausingfield ushers in the era of the match-accurate build-it-yourself rifle.

State of the art manufacturing and high grade materials are used to make the Mausingfield right here in the USA. 

The Mausingfield is not a Remington clone.  It’s a bolt action in a class by itself, derived from a comprehensive understanding of what a bolt action must do, and decades of both engineering and manufacturing experience. 

At American Rifle Company, we only do best. We do the Mausingfield.