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American Rifle Company 10-ROUND 7.62×51 (308 WIN) Detachable Magazine

  • $ 7000

Purposefully designed for use with cylindrical actions such as the Mausingfield and the Remington 700 type short actions, the ARC mag offers a compact 10-round alternative to the Accuracy International CS type magazines.

10-round ARC Mag is only 3/8” (10mm) longer the 10-round mag AI AW.

Does NOT require an “AW cut” receiver.

Constructed from corrosion resistant and high strength stainless steel.

Cross section is identical to that of the AI CS and the AI AW mags designed for use in short actions.

Internal length is nominally 2.97 inches (75.4mm.)

An easy to remove floor plate makes disassembly and cleaning easy.



The ARC magazine was/is primarily designed to function in concert with a Control Round Feed (CRF) type action.  The big difference is the feedlip geometry.  If you look closely and compare it to the AI magazines you'll notice that the followers are shorter in length.  With a CRF action the cartridge needs to be release sooner from the feedlips when compared to a Push Feed (PF) action design.  The reason is the upward case pressure and motion as it travels up the feed ramp aligns the case much closer to center of bore making feeding and chambering almost effortless.

Push feed actions generally respond better to cases that are retained longer by the feedlips.  The basic idea is to have a portion of the projectile engaged in the breech ring either right at, or slightly after the case is cut loose from the feedlips on the magazine.  With the bullet starting to engage in the breech, it has no choice but to align itself.

Using ARC magazines in PF actions does work and it works very well in most instances.  Very short cases such as the BR, Dasher, or BRX can be problematic.  The early release combined with the aggressive entry angle can compound into system where the bolt locks up during feeding.  The solution is to have a magazine with longer feed lips specific to this lineage of cartridges.

ARC may someday offer this however it is currently not scheduled.

These magazines work very well.  With that though comes some issues that have been realized as time goes by. 


The ARC magazine followers do not respond well when exposed to dusty, grimy conditions.  This is a known issue, knowing it up front is important.

The feedlip design uses an arc like motion as the cartridge travels upward to be presented to the bolt face.  With long 6mm and 6.5mm bullets this will create an issue when run on an M700 action at +2.800" COAL.  The front portion of the receiver's magazine box must be relieved to provide additional room.  The common notch procedure is not sufficient by itself.


The follower issue of the ARC magazine has been resolved.  LRI now machines billet 7075 T651 AL followers for this magazine.  We rigorously tested this revision for a month prior to making them available.   The feedback has been extremely possible.


LRI followers can be found here:



For reliability, it is very important to keep the magazine clean and to ensure that only clean cartridges are inserted into it.  Cleanliness will reduce the friction associated with the relative motion between cartridges and between the cartridges and the inner walls of the magazine resulting from the cartridges transitioning from the double-stack to center.

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