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LRI UL Varminter Optic Mount

  • $ 20000

Our new Ultra Light and Standard (UL&STD) EFR mounts for heavy night vision rigs and light Varmint hunting are built for two very different applications.  We can now cater to both heavy-hitting rigs and the much narrower/lighter gun hunting rifles that are becoming ever more popular for pigs and coyotes.

Both the UL and STD EFR mounts form LRI features our unique and exclusive hinge mechanism that retains the entire unit in the rifle stock.   You remove two screws and the upper rail rotates and tips away from the base making barreled action removal a snap.

Our hinge mechanism is unique because it takes into consideration the abuse created by recoil.  We answered this in a couple of different ways.  There are dual recoil lugs present in the base piece. Additionally, the hinge assembly is designed in such a way that it loads onto itself and applies a "pinch" effect on the pin as you tighten down the screws.  The joint becomes loaded so that the assembly behaves as one piece. 

Bedding the unit in the rifle stock is pretty easy as the bottom features are there to promote good adhesion and mechanical bonds. 

The STENAG rail geometry is both gauged and qualified for flawless installation of any ring set made to the same standard.



Weight: 3.5oz.

Overall dimensions: 5" x 1.375" x 1.680"

Minimum stock width: 1.450"



Weight: 3.6oz.

Overall dimensions: 5" x 1.700" x 1.825"

Minimum stock width: 1.750"


The UL mount is designed specifically for stocks such as the Manners EH1 and EH5, Bell/Carlson M40, and the McM M40 and HTG.

The STD mount runs best in stocks like the Manners T4, T5, and the McM A5.

Available with or without installation in your choice of color*.



All LRI accessory parts are machined in-house.  We leave our parts "in the white" so that clients can tailor color and finishing options to their build. 

Allow an additional 5-10 business days for coating.

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