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LRI UL Varminter Optic Mount

  • $ 20000

The target audience for this mount probably already knows why they want/need it. Those desiring a gun that is lighter-weight and slimmer than a typical tactical rifle, yet still fitted with the option of being able to run at night with peripheral optics.

Our new UL EFR for Varmint hunting is tailored for narrower gun stocks and features a hinge mechanism that retains the entire unit in the rifle stock. One removes two screws, tips the top half up/away, and the barreled action will peel right out.

Because we know someone will ask: What about the hinge and what about recoil? This was confronted in two ways. There are dual recoil lugs present in the base piece. Additionally, the hinge assembly "pinches" on itself as you button it down with the screws. The pin becomes "loaded" so that the joint is locked.  Combine this with the lighter calibers typical for night varminter use and you have a robust system that will last a lifetime.

With a lighter platform being the objective, we kept the barrel contour provision constrained to a Remington Varmint profile. The ID of the bore is 1.050". Additionally, the strategic use of an endmill was employed to remove weight wherever feasible.

Bedding the unit in the rifle stock is pretty easy and the latticework on the bottom promotes good adhesion combined with mechanical bonds once the resin system cures. The pockets on the bottom are dovetailed to capture the epoxy. At only 1.375" wide, it's much easier to graft it into a narrower forend.

We make these on our 5-axis CNC machine. It's nice because it offers the power of work holding consolidation. We can present the part to the spindle in a number of different ways in a single setup. Doing so mitigates the risk of errors from switching it from one vise to another.

The STENAG rail geometry is gauged and qualified. That tool is awesome, takes all the guess work out.

Weight 3.5oz. Overall dimensions are 5" x 1.375" x 1.680".

Fitment into a wide variety of stocks is possible, but a forend width of at least 1.450" is still necessary, so many sporter-style stocks will not qualify. The UL mount will fit into many popular hunting stocks, such as the Manners EH1 and EH5.

Available with or without installation, in your choice of finish.

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