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LRI's first "full build" on the Ruger RPR

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September 8th, 2015 was the day LRI ventured into the RPR arena.  Since that time our involvement has grown to where we are now a front line company for Ruger Precision Rifle upgrades and accessories.  It started with a bolt shroud born from a Saturday morning conversation with a colleague.  From that moment in the shop we now have progressed to a very comprehensive product line dedicated to the RPR.

This past week was unique in that its the first time we've really had an opportunity to dive into a full effort "build" using this platform.  Stephan from PA was our "test mule" for this venture.  Our relationship started a few weeks ago and we spoke at length about his application, expectations, and goals with the rifle.

The 6.5mm Creedmoor was settled upon as the cartridge.  We pulled the factory barrel and installed one of our premium RPR replacement barrels.  Additional work to his barrel was helical fluting, installing our Cathedral Port Muzzle Brake, and setting the chamber up for the 140 Grain A Max bullet.  We trimmed the finish length to 24".  With the addition of the brake were right at 26" for an overall length.

Our brakes are unique in the sense that we devote considerable time to the fit and finish.  It has become an affectionate source of humor here at the shop when new clients call us and passionately inquire as to exactly why we "ported" their barrel instead of installing muzzle brake as promised.  They are just not used to seeing a brake fitted with no visible parting line.

We absolutely love these calls.

Next was the full compliment of usual goodies.  Our RPR bolt shroud and a replacement bolt knob.  A Magpul back end was installed along with a Seekins Precision selector lever.

Last, the paint work.  Kryptek was settled upon as the pattern.  We had this rifle completed last week, however the paintwork did not go so well the first time around.  So we started over.  The addition of new staff as part of our growth has been a much needed blessing, however as the founder/owner of LRI it is my job to ensure our standards never erode.  We are and always will be gunmakers.

I will confess I had a bit of a grin on my face when I told the guys that the paintwork needed a reboot.  I've been there and its painful, however the experience is priceless and holding ones self to a high standard is never a bad thing.

Moving forward:

The guys came through.  The mistakes were corrected and we now have a rifle that we can be proud to deliver.  The machine work is spot on and the paint/finish is on point with what our clients have come to expect from us.

It's been a great deal of fun diving into this exciting new market.  The RPR has kicked the precision shooting gateway wide open to a much bigger audience of shooters interested in precision rifles, but just unable to rationalize the high costs. Ruger's RPR has narrowed the gap.

It has been a whole lot of fun working with guys like Frank Galli from Sniper's Hide to help introduce this rifle to the masses as viable medicine for the long range precision "bug."

Throughout all of this is LRI's commitment to ensuring our exceptional customer service never waivers. The importance of this is reinforced on a daily basis.  If you are new to this game and have questions, we are here to help anyway that we can.

Do not be afraid to connect with us.  





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