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PRS Donation Rifle from LRI: Battle of Breakneck in Broadwater, NE April 15-17 2016

Posted by Chad Dixon on

The Battle of Breakneck Trophy rifle project has begun!
LRI is a principle sponsor for the event and to help these guys start it out right, were donating one hell of a build.
American Rifle Company Mausingfield Action
K/P 6.5mm SS barrel chambered in 6.5mm
Jewel Trigger
Cerakote TBD
Stock TBD (we're still playing with ideas-nothing like waiting till the last minute!)
Here's the photo spread thus far, enjoy and comments welcome.
Latest generation Mausingfield from American Rifle Company.  The absolute finest bolt action receiver available today.
A premium barrel from K/P Barrel Company.  LRI is the largest distributor for K/P Barrels. Single point cut rifled, honed, and a 30+ year pedigree of performance.  Ken Johnson makes a great stick!
Documentation for setup.  Every barreled action we've ever fitted started right here, the LRI build sheet.  Thousands of these have been printed over the years and every one of them is filed here at the shop.
Tennon diameter and contour completed.  Onto threading.
Threading:  Fully automated via a cnc turning center.  
Threading completed.  Now onto fitting the action up to qualify the final fit.
Receiver is fitted, now onto chambering.
Cutting fluid is flowing.  We "purge" the barrel for a few moments prior to reaming.  This flushes out any lingering chips that may have found their way in the bore from preparing the barrel tennon.  Failure to do this can result in a catastrophic failure if the chip becomes wedged in the reamer pilot.  The bore must be sterile ahead of the cutting surfaces.
Chamber reamer making its entry into the bore.
Almost to depth.
Completed chamber right off the tool.  It's really that easy when you have premium equipment, tools, and a rock solid procedure.  LRI pioneered the use of turning centers for barrel fitting over 16 years ago.  
Chamfering the breech face with a single point carbide micro boring bar.  Razor sharp cutting surfaces ensure there's no work hardening or edge roll into the chamber.
Polishing.  A few swipes with some 320 grit followed by green scotchbrite puts a honed finish in the chamber.  The idea is to provide a microscopic "tooth" on the chamber walls for the brass to "bite" into under pressure.  This is intended to mitigate case growth towards the neck.
6.5mm Creedmoor setup for factory ammunition was the chosen chamber for this years inaugural event.
Now we flip it around and complete the crown.  This muzzle has been threaded to 5/8-24 and fitted with an LRI Thread Protector.  
.622" outside diameter.  Now we move to threading.
Threads qualified using certified, hard chromed, ring gauges from West Port.
Single Point Crowning cycle after threading.
Muzzle threaded and fitted with an LRI thread protector blank.
2nd Op;  Machining the slots so that the thread ring can be removed.
A few swipes with an X-Acto blade removes the little burrs left over from slotting the ring.
Trial assembly.  Threads coated with copper thread lubricant prior to assembly.
Test fire in our cell.  Rated to a 50 caliber, our test cell allows us to safely test fire the barreled action in the shop.  LRI test fires every single barreled action that leaves our facility.  It's been that way since day one.
7 Years worth of fired cartridges.  2015 was a great year.  2016 is proving to be an exceptional one.
With the barreled action completed, the job moves from barreling to our stocking department.  
More to come and thanks for looking.
UPDATE: 4.13.16:
Sometime late last night we wrapped up the barrel engraving
Final Assembly...

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