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NOTE: Gunsmithing Services are invasive and will most often (directly with tooling or indirectly with work holding) damage existing surface finishes on parts such as receivers. LRI offers a full menu of finish options for your components, please ensure you have also added an appropriate finish option to your cart if applicable.

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Cerakote (most popular)
Parkerize Carbon Steel Action
Parkerize Carbon Steel Bolt
Glass Bead Stainless

Pin and TIG Weld Muzzle Brake, Flash Hider, Suppressor Adapter

  • $ 10000

Pinning and welding a muzzle brake/flash hider is one method of making a rifle barrel that measures less than 16" compliant with BATFE regulations.  The process involves drilling a hole that runs through the brake and into a portion of the threaded muzzle feature on the barrel so that a pin can be installed and "key" the two together.  The pin is then welded to the brake making the fitment permanent and thus compliant with the law.

The process is fundamentally simple, but there are exceptions.  Titanium muzzle devices also require titanium pins for the welding portion of the service.  Sourcing pins of appropriate diameter has proven impossible, so we machine our own from ground stock made of 6AL4V.

Please note that this service only covers pin/weld operation.  Muzzle devices and the Threading service for the barrel are separate and listed in our Products and GunSmithing Services page.