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LRI Billet Magazine follower for ARC 10 Round Magazine

  • $ 2500

The ARC 10 round staggered stack, center feed magazine. One exceptionally well-made piece. SS box, heat treated, and beam welded for about as clean a finish as it gets.
They work really well. -till they don't. It has suffered a bit at times. Some shooters have had no issues at all.  It's been hit or miss unfortunately.  The ARC follower appears to be a little sensitive to certain cartridges and they don't seem to respond well to dirt and grit.
So, we have a legitimate problem to try and solve which is something we like to do here at LRI.
Kalyb here at the shop has been tinkering with this for a couple months now by modifying existing followers Taking his lessons and applying my own thoughts, we started modeling.
Being "too dumb to quit" does pay off occasionally. Late in the night, we got a piece that works really well. 
Nutshell specs:
  • We start with 7075 T651 billet aluminum bar stock. 
  • The 10 round capacity is preserved.
  • The original spring that comes with the magazine is used without modification. 

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