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GUNSMITHING SERVICES: Pillar bedding on pre-inletted rifle stock

  • $ 37500


Pillar bedding on a pre-inletted rifle stock is a service we began offering in 2020.  LRI has resisted this service as it's a departure from our flagship stocking service where we inlet and install all the hardware in-house.   Client demands have given us cause to revisit this and it's now something we offer.

The departure from our legacy process is that we no longer machine the inlet features.  Items such as the bolt handle, ejection port, side release, and floor metal are all machined by the stock vendor.  While we strive to offer a clean presentation, there are limitations when going this route.  We use the pillars supplied by the stock vendor or we make our own when required.  The use of our proprietary bedding pillar is not practical on stocks already inletted so the industry norm of using turned aluminum is used instead.

We do still rely on our original resin formula as we feel it's the best available.  LRI's resin uses a very high percentage of solids.  Solids help make the casting tolerant to the compressive and torsional forces created every time a rifle is fired.  The resin system also has a very high resistance to prolonged chemical exposure making it durable when solvents creep between the action and stock.


Please read prior to selecting us for this service:

This pillar bedding service includes fitting the bottom side of the stock for your choice of bottom metal. All other services/options such as tactical rails or ULTACH installation are extra.

LRI makes a special effort to blend the tang portion of a stock to a seamless transition with the tang feature on the action when performing the full inlet/bed service.   Stocks that are prefinished/fitted cannot be treated this way so they are left untouched. 


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