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GUNSMITHING SERVICES: Custom Inlet and Pillar Bedding

  • $ 75000

Stock Fitting:

"Custom does not come in a box."

Its our firm belief that a rifle should look as good "under the hood" as it does on target hundreds of yards away.  The level of effort we invest into every rifle stock has earned us recognition by some as the "absolute best available."  

Our stocks are not "skin bedded," nor slaves to mass-produced factory inlets. Every "full build" begins with a virgin stock blank.  LRI computer models every single barreled action inlet to the individual rifle stock chosen by the client.  The model is then 3D surface machined into the stock with calculated clearance built in for a uniform and concentric film layer of bedding material between the action and stock.  We have an extensive library of action models on file to ensure your project receives the detail and attention it deserves.


American Rifle Company Mausingfield:

Remington M700_40X_M40 clip slotted receiver with 2x radius extended ejection port:

Winchester Model 70 Classic:

CAM file graphics of actual toolpath used to inlet:

The result is sterling performance mirrored by exceptional fit and finish.  Our strategy includes maximizing the surface contact between the rifle stock and the receiver while making it easy for the end user to take the rifle apart for maintenance.

Our resin formula uses a very high percentage of solids.  Solids help make the casting tolerant to the compressive and torsional forces created every time a rifle is fired.  The resin system also has a high resistance to prolonged chemical exposure making it durable when solvents creep between the action and stock.

"No rock unturned" is our philosophy.  It became readily apparent early on that we could never deliver the level of presentation we were after with conventional bedding pillar designs.  

So, we make our own.  

LRI bedding pillars are made from food/beverage industry-grade stainless steel.  It offers superior corrosion tolerance, improved adhesion to the resin, and the unique rib design supports the receiver while providing almost total captivation by the bedding material.  The square head ensures the pillar will never break loose and rotate in the stock.  Guard screws never make physical contact with the pillar. 

When completed, the levels of fit and finish are remarkable.  It costs more to do it this way, and it's certainly more work, but the end results speaks for itself.


Please read prior to selecting us for this service:

Our pillar bedding service includes inletting the bottom side of the stock for your choice of bottom metal. All other services/options such as tactical rails or ULTACH installation are extra.

LRI makes a special effort to blend the tang portion of a stock to a seamless transition with the tang feature on the action.  We can't always do this, but for most applications it is the standard we hold ourselves to.  This additional work is often invasive to the stock.  It's quite common for us to apply additional laminates of glass/carbon fiber to the tang area to restore structural integrity.

 When blending the the action and stock together, it is also very typical for us to file/sand on the action itself.  In fact, you can count on it!  We are very experienced and comfortable with this.  It's a common practice among Guild Level Master Stock Makers to "draw" the two together for perfect presentation. Because of this any coating applied to the action will be removed and will require restoration/reapplication once we have fitted everything.   When working with virgin components its of no consequence as the finish is always applied last.


Videos of the process




IF your action is a rare/collectible firearm, a family heirloom, or you simply do not want the finish altered in any way, LRI IS NOT THE SHOP FOR YOUR PROJECT!  Failure to understand this is not our fault and we absolutely will not accept any responsibility if you do not take this into consideration prior to retaining our services.

Every LRI pillar bedded composite stock is painted prior to leaving our facility. This is a rule we absolutely do not budge on.  We deliver a finished product and that is simply not possible when performing this kind of work.

 The paint work is an additional fee above and beyond the bedding service.  Please consider this and ensure you understand it before selecting this service.

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