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GUNSMITHING SERVICES: Custom Engraving Services, Ruger RPR

  • $ 5000

In addition to our standard line of shrouds, LRI also offers a custom engraving service for Ruger RPR Bolt Shrouds available in both "as machined" and "black ano".

This work is performed using state of the art CAM software and 4 axis CNC milling center.  

Important notes:

This kind of work relies heavily on experience and a certain level of artistic interpretation. This particular work is on a cylindrical surface less than 7/8 of an inch in diameter.  The raceway in the RPR receiver that exposes the bolt shroud has a 1/2" opening.  Because of this, scaling and detail become very important if the artwork/characters are to present well.  

The raceway in the receiver is essentially the "picture frame" that we are constrained to work within in order to meet that need.

What this boils down to is we must be allowed a degree of "artistic freedom" when it comes to this kind of work. Engraving tools machine a path roughly .005" in depth and .015" in width.  A highly detailed image scaled down to fit within the constraints often end up as "machined mush".  It will resemble nothing of what was intended.

Because this is a custom service, your input is vital as fonts, characters, and designs are almost limitless.  


When ordering this service, you must have the specific name of the font included in the comments section of your order form.  Photos will need to be emailed to us at with a subject line that reads:  


A very good resource for researching font styles is "".


Artwork should be JPEG image format in the highest resolution your able to create.   


 Pricing is quoted at a STARTING rate of $50.00  Most simple character type engraving jobs run in this price range.


 Pricing is quoted at an hourly rate of $90 plus a $50 setup fee with a half hour minimum.  This service has a $100 minimum rate.

The more elaborate work shown can be very programming/machine intensive and this increases the cost. These types of requests are billed as a "time and material" type job and must be reviewed in detail verbally prior to any work being performed.  We will quote the job as best we can, but understand that it is more of a general idea than an established price.

Ensure you include your phone number.  Quite often we will photograph and text a sample to the client prior to running the final piece.

Both of these services are dynamic and require both of us to be flexible.  Expect a 15-30 day delay in delivery when requesting this service.

This service will be billed directly here at LRI once the work is completed.  

Projects we've done in the past:

Example of LRI custom engraving:  Roses and barbed wire on rifle barrel.

Example of LRI custom engraving:  2016 American Rifle Company Display Rifle at SHOT SHOW



Example of LRI Custom Engraving  and machining potential!:  A 1:1000 scale fully machined and engraved model of the island, Iwo Jima.  This was created from WWII era US Navy Surveillance maps detailing Japanese gun positions prior to the US Marine assault on February 19th, 1945.



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