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LRI's 3.9 ULTACH (Ultra Light Aluminum Titanium Cheek Hardware) system is the lightest adjustable cheek hardware available. Weighing only 3.9 oz and made of 6061 AL and 6AL 4V Titanium, it is now standard equipment on all LRI tactical and sporting rifles requiring adjustable cheek hardware.


 When installing this hardware on stocks that require the cheek piece to be cut directly off the stock, we take the time to glass the stock's core material.  Doing so preserves the integrity of the stock while delivering a clean and professional appearance.  

 Once completed, we machine the inlet to a 1:1 fit for a clean and professional presentation.  It certainly takes more time to go this route, but the end results are what's put LRI as a marquee level facility for custom gunmaking. 


Notes about this service:

We are tooled to perform this service on virtually any composite or wood stock made today.  It is important to understand however that most composite stocks not fitted for adjustable hardware from the factory do not have a solid core structure behind the grip portion of the stock.  Instead an expandable foam material is used.  The logic behind this is weight conservation.  The foam is very light and provides good structural backing to the outer shell.

This complicates the installation of any aftermarket hardware.  Foam is a poor foundation for installing peripheral devices.  Because of this the stock must be literally gutted of all the foam and refilled with a denser core material.   Fortunately we are very experienced in doing this, but it does come with added costs.

Glued recoil pads must be removed.  In almost every circumstance the pad is destroyed in the process.  Laying up glass to cover the core material after the two pieces have been cut apart is important both for protecting the core material and for a clean presentation.  Finishing this part of the job means blending the "cap" with files and sandpaper which consequently means the stock will have to be painted afterwards.

The price of this service is for the work getting the stock to a condition where installing the cheek hardware is possible and for the installation itself.  

Additional hardware and subsequent paint/finishing work is not included.   

For a stock that is made from the manufacturer as a two piece design, the labor is much lower and the job is more streamlined.  Both rates are quoted in the menu section above.  


IF you are ordering a stock from a manufacturer and intend to have us fit it to your barreled action, PLEASE order the stock as an adjustable cheek piece MINUS the hardware.   LRI will inlet the stock and install it for you.  This will avoid the added costs from the extra work.



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