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The visual impact a well finished rifle has cannot be underscored.  Regardless of how exceptional a gun may shoot, the first introduction is always visual. 


A clean finish with attention to detail empowers a shooter to do better.  When combined with sterling downrange accuracy, it resonates and transforms the gun into an extension of your personality.

This is the inspiration we strive for with all of our rifle stock finishes.

LRI's paintwork is instantly recognizable because of its unique appearance.  We go one further by completely tearing down the gun's base components.  Just as one would expect/demand that a show car be finished in the door jambs, trunk, and undercarriage, the same applies here.

Finishes we offer range from ultra-conservative to as wild as your imagination dares. 

We don't judge...   

Camouflage patterns are by far the most popular but our automotive type paintwork is also first class.  We color sand and buff these finishes to emulate what one would expect of a well-fitted muscle car.


All LRI camo pattern stencils are created in-house.  Over a decade of experience has gone into this effort.  From very humble beginnings we've since acquired state-of-the-art software and equipment to be able to replicate almost any camo pattern ever created.  We never film dip.  All of our finish work is hand applied and coated/painted using oven cure Cerakote from NIC Industries and/or automotive type paints from companies like PPG, House of Color, etc... 

Our finishing department features a computer-controlled oven with a huge work envelope, custom-built to deliver even temperature dispersion. The paint booth is sterile and saturated with visible spectrum light to ensure even product application.  The paint spraying equipment we rely on is the finest made today and routinely sent in for inspection and service.

Our services are not limited to just paint.  We are also very comfortable with wood and are conscious of the respect it deserves.  In our opinion, automotive clear coats have no business being applied to wood gunstocks.  LRI encourages clients to choose traditional hand-rubbed oil finishes.  The depth and luster a piece of wood brings to the table demand it.


The volume of photos we possess of finished rifles starts as far back as 1997.  While we do have this library in our store to illustrate the work, we encourage anyone pursuing this service to also visit the LongRifles, Inc. Facebook page and spend some time reviewing photos there too.  The variations we've done over the years are numerous.

What you can expect:

LRI preps parts individually and breaks them down to base components.  Detail is the name of the game here.  Edges are prepped to present in high definition so that they tear down without destroying themselves.  We pride ourselves in being able to deliver clean lines with distinguishing fit and finish.


Single Color and Single Color with webbing:

Single color applications can also be applied and we are fluent with replicating the webbing/spatter patterns often used on production rifles.



Our camo patterns and single colors are applied on a textured substrate.  We do this for a durable nonslip finish great for field/competitive use.  We offer an almost endless menu of color schemes and have a large menu of patterns.  New/custom patterns are updated periodically so it's worth checking back with us.


LRI DMP (Digital MisPrint):

DMP is an LRI original and exclusive.  The idea was to blend 1960's era ARVN "Tiger Stripe" with the modern digital look.  This pattern was literally created by complete accident.  A software filter setting was mistakenly applied and it created the pattern shown.  The save button was mashed and we've used it ever since.  What is immediately apparent is the intensity of the detail.  It is our most popular pattern.








LRI Digital:

LRI Digital pattern is a "softened" version of classic MARPAT.  Edges and corners are rounded off to dilute the harder pixel appearance of typical digital.



LRI version of the Vietnam-era tigerstripe pattern.




-3x Woodland

-Woodland Variant




A blend of subtle shades that melt into one another contrasted with intense geometric shapes, this pattern is one of the more challenging to emulate.


-Pac West



-River Rock


In your face BOLD.  RipZillah gets noticed!  That said it also seems to be quite effective in the field.  This pattern is also available in a broad variety of color schemes.  Remember, you are only limited by imagination and we don't judge.

-Black Hills



We also offer custom automotive type finishing for competitive rifles most commonly used in International Palma, Fullbore, F Class, Olympic 3 position Smallbore, Silhouette, and Benchrest.  The automotive-type work is much more intensive as we block sand the stocks to minimize waves in the glass/carbon.  This is followed up with color sanding and buffing the clear coat afterward to a showroom finish.  Graphics and artwork can also be applied for a true, one of a kind, finish.



A classic never dies.

Our services are not limited to composites and paint!  LRI is also very comfortable with genuine hand rubbed, heirloom quality, oil finishes for fine woods.  We can also customize with pewter and wood inlay work. 

Shown is the LRI built 21015 Sniper's Hide Cup Trophy Rifle.

 Notes on wood.

The wood work we do is almost always used for International Palma competitive shooting.  We are likely the same shop to have shaped the blank, performed the inletting, and installed all the peripheral hardware prior.  Its important to understand and appreciate this because how parts fit and present become of vital importance when moving into the final finishing stages.  This is where the tribal knowledge of this trade really becomes priceless information. 


-Ebony inlay, 2015 Sniper's Hide Cup Trophy Rifle.

Cheek hardware installed, International Palma

Hardware fitment, International Palma, English Walnut

Tang Fitment, English Walnut




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