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American Rifle Company Mausingfield

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History will tell us things if we are willing to listen.  The American Rifle Company Mausingfield action is born from that philosophy.  It is the modern rendition of bolt action excellence born from the hard-earned lessons of two world wars.  

The ARC Mausingfield combines the two most battlefield proven components in the history of modern warfare;  The Mauser Gewehr 98 and Springfield 1903.

Mausingfield/LRI barreled fitted up for stock fitting after pillar bedding 

Taking these cues and moving forward with the power of modern manufacturing, the finest raw materials, and aerospace level resources, ARC has ushered in the new age with the most well made and reliable bolt action receiver ever offered by anyone. 

The technical achievements of the Mausingfield are nothing short of impressive.  What we feel is most noteworthy however is that this action makes you a better shooter because all you do is shoot.  The distractions and shortcomings that plague other bolt action platforms simply do not exist with the Mausingfield action.  

It's for these reasons LRI chooses the ARC Mausingfield for our premier line of custom Rifles.

LRI CR Mod-0 in Urban DMP camo.

LRI has conducted an exhaustive battery of tests with the Mausingfield aimed to define the limits of its performance envelope.  Our torture regimen included multiple seasons of PRS style events on a variety of rifles in semi-arid climates of the open plains to rainforest conditions of the Pacific Northwest.


We have conducted sustained rate of fire testing in our test cell pushing over 600 rounds through the action with a water-cooled barrel. We conducted this test with the rifle free of any lubrication at a cadence of 12-15 rounds per minute.

What we learned is that it is a great way to end up with a blistered and sore hand.  The Mausingfield however never skipped a beat.  Not one!

LRI is the largest American Rifle Company dealer in the world and the only factory-authorized service center.  Our close relationship to ARC and intimate knowledge of the action make us the "go-to" resource for all ARC products.  

We back this up with our world-class staff, knowledge base, and sterling customer service.


Current Mausingfield configurations:

Presently the Mausingfield is available in short action and long action formats.  Bolt faces available are .480", .545", and .589"  

Optic rails are MILSPEC 1913/STANAG NATO type mounts.  In addition to being attached with screws, they are keyed to the receiver to be extremely robust.  This is a powerful advantage because shooters can later alter the base included angle if desired.   Bases come in 20MOA/5.8MIL and 30MOA/8.7MIL included angles.   Special order bases up to 45MOA are also possible.



This listing is for a serialized rifle action.  Actions purchased online can only be shipped to a valid Federal Firearms Licensee.  (FFL) We cannot ship this item directly to you or outside of the United States.  You must locate a dealer in your area and have them send us a current copy of their FFL via email or FAX.   When sending the license they must reference your name and/or order number so that we can apply it appropriately.  

Your action cannot ship until this is done.  

States like CA require additional processing so acclimate yourself to your local laws.  Any additional permit or licensing requirement is outside of our control and LRI will not be held responsible in any capacity.

LRI Email: 

LRI FAX:  605.206.7820


International Orders:  

International orders are possible through the use of a 3rd party exporter. Exporters are independent businesses licensed and educated on the legal process of shipping a firearm/rifle action outside of the United States and into your home country.   This is a 3rd party/outside service that we have no involvement with.  

Purchasing any controlled item from LRI for international export begins and ends with the transaction made here and us sending it to the exporter you've chosen.  

LRI is neither liable nor responsible once the item leaves our facility.  

You must use your own judgment to determine your eligibility to purchase this product. International orders are non-refundable so educate yourself on the process prior to purchase if you are unsure.

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