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Billet SuperDuty Blower Drive hub for ProCharger F1A CXS6 Crank Drive

  • $ 37500

During the summer of 2020 we were asked by a client to design and produce a "Super Duty" grade drive coupler for the ProCharger F1A supercharger and the CXS6 crank drive.

The reason was the piece supplied with the kit suffers a high degree of failure when high levels of boost are applied to the drive unit.  The factory piece is a casting with a thin cross-section.  Under heavy loads, the unit is prone to fracturing at the hub where the double keyway features are.  

When racing in the 275 tire class boost levels approach the absurd when playing the game of running a small displacement engine to avoid the weight penalty applied to the car.  (You can run all the engine you want, but a weight penalty is applied at after a certain engine displacement to keep the class fair and competitive.)  This is what invites the failure of the cast hub coupler as it was never intended to duty cycle at these higher loads.

The LRI unit is 100% machined from billet 6061 T6 aluminum.  A considerable amount of mass has been added to the hub feature to increase resistance to shear loads applied by the keyways.  Drive pins feature a generous radius feature to further improve strength.

Talk is cheap:

Our hub coupler was first tested at the 2020 NMCA (National Muscle Car Association) Muscle Car Nationals held in Martin, Michigan.   During testing the car set the standard with a pair of 4.76 and 4.74 seconds (8th mile) test passes at over 150mph.  This was done on a 275 wide radial tire!  Testing was validated with the event win and quickest elapsed time of the Extreme Street class sponsored by Edelbrock.

Congratulations to Martin Connelley and crew!

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