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1/4 Scale Billet LS3 Cylinder Head

  • $ 32500

This began as a "self-education" project when we upgraded some software in our CAM system.  Showing the process online blew up my inbox with requests.

This is an all billet, 1/4 scale (.2564:1 to be exact) model of the GM LS3 cylinder head 100% machined on a 5 axis milling center.  They are fully cnc ported as well on the intake, exhaust, and combustion chambers.   A few small features are omitted. (tapped holes for instance as they'd be absurdly small).   

The challenge with parts this small is accurately detailing the features.  This requires very small tools (.04" dia up to 2mm) and that, unfortunately, limits the feedrates.  As a result, the price isn't exactly "cheap".  The good thing is it's 100% USA made and your not going to see them being plagiarized by a 3rd world country anytime soon.

This is nothing more than a unique conversation piece to display in an office or whatever.



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