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LRI SuperDuty Series: Professional Gunsmithing Barrel Vise

  • $ 50000

The "LRI SuperDuty Series" of products are made to answer the need for commercial-grade tools specific to the gunsmithing industry.   These tools have been vetted in our own facility for years (sometimes in excess of a decade) prior to being offered to the public.  

The SuperDuty Barrel Vise has been in service in our facility since 2013.  It was built out of necessity after literally destroying a few different "commercial" pieces shortly after we began our industry-changing Group Buy on Sniper's Hide.   

We estimate (conservatively) that our in-house vise has seen something approaching 6 figures worth of duty cycles since that time.   As of this writing (3.5.2020) none of the components we made have failed.  In 2019 we did replace the grade 5 bolts with grade 8's because they began to show signs of fatigue.   We use a 3' long 1/2" drive ratchet for clamping/unclamping the vise.  With our operational tempo, we have had to replace the ratchet "guts" 2x a year since 2015.  Wearing out a "pro class" ratchet from a highly respected tool vendor is no small feat.  Let alone doing it 2x a year!

But the vise never lets us down.

Our SuperDuty Barrel Vise is 100% CNC machined from steel.  The base and upper clamp are made from A36 and positioned by a pair of grade 8, ONE INCH diameter bolts.  The pair of nuts (1-5/8) used to clamp the two halves feature toroidal (self-aligning/centering) washers to reduce friction and provide incredible clamping power regardless of whether or not the vise's top clamp is evenly tightened in relationship to the base piece.

Our vise is easy to use.  It self aligns and spreads apart automatically with the use of two compression springs.  This makes life much easier when setting up and removing the barrel from the tool by yourself.   All edges are chamfered generously to reduce the risk of marking up delicate finishes during teardown/assembly.

The vise jaws are designed to "float" when mounted.  Mounting hardware attaches to the clamp bolts rather than the base.  This makes cleaning easy as you don't have to remove anything from the bench.  Simply pull the top clamp nuts off and the entire unit breaks down while the bolts stay put.   Debris, chips, and dirt can be easily cleaned off periodically to ensure delicate finishes are not accidentally scratched.

Our collets are fully machined/engraved from steel.  The vice comes with a complement of 5 popular sizes to accommodate common barrel contours.

  • 1.0"
  • 1.150"
  • 1.200"
  • 1.250"

For the discriminating professional, we also offer a respectful nod to classic gunsmithing with a color case hardened base and top clamp.  This is purely cosmetic and certain to be a topic of conversation in your shop.

This vise requires a 1 5/8" wrench or socket (preferred) to operate. The appropriate 1/2" drive socket can be added to your vise order.

We also offer a machined/welded stand for our vise.   The floor plate can be bolted or epoxied* to the floor.

*LRI relocated to its current facility in 2011.  The barreling dept stand was glued to the floor using JB weld.  It has never failed.  This was done because our shop has radiant floor heat, and the risk of accidentally cutting the tubing matrix embedded in the concrete was just something we weren't willing to gamble on.

Simply grind the floor clean with an abrasive pad (36 grit), and remove the powder coating from the bottom side of the floor plate.  Tape off the plate's footprint.  Mix JB Weld and spread an even layer approximately 1/32" thick.  Place the stand inside the square, peel the tape, and let it rest for a full 48 hours. (if the floor is cold, you may want to wait an extra day)  Assuming all mating surfaces are sterile, you can work with confidence once the resin is cured.   Should the stand ever need to be relocated, a rosebud torch can be applied to the base to warm it up and break the bond.  Know that this will almost certainly ruin the powder-coat finish so it's best to plan ahead when deciding on placement.



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