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LRI SuperDuty Series: Professional Gunsmithing Bedding Removal Gantry. (BRG)

  • $ 24999

The "LRI SuperDuty Series" of products are made to answer the need for commercial-grade tools specific to the gunsmithing industry.   These tools have been vetted in our own facility for years (sometimes in excess of a decade) prior to being offered to the public.  

The LRI Bedding Removal Gantry (BRG)is built to solve the challenges of removing a barreled action from a rifle stock after bedding.   Anyone who has done this has likely experienced the tedious task of prying the barreled action from the casting while making sure it does not rock back and forth and potentially ruin the recoil lug register.

The "BRG" works by purchasing on the scope base with form-fitted adapters and loading on the rifle stock's showline margin.   Once positioned its as simple as tightening a pair of nuts to apply upward pressure that will separate the barreled action from the stock.

Machined and fitted with premium hardware, Action Jack is built to last for a lifetime.  The first one ever made by LRI was in 2003.  It is still used today.  

The most popular means of removing an action is with a Picatinny type rail that most guns are fitted with.  Additional types will be brought online as they show themselves to be relevant.  As an interim solution, we are supplying an adapter "blank" that can be machined to fit a weaver base or contoured and drilled for direct fitment to the receiver.


If you are a shop owner or hardcore gun enthusiast, LRI offers custom engraving and coating options.   Simply place your order and select the custom engraving option along with the colors from our vast Ceracoat inventory.

A quote will be generated for your custom engraving after you place your order and supply the art to be engraved. 

Engraving files may be uploaded here prior to checkout or may be emailed to and be preferably in a VECTOR format.  JPEG or other raster images will have a minimum $50 upcharge over the standard engraving cost as they must be converted to VECTOR.  MAKE SURE to include your sales order # in your email.




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