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GUNSMITHING SERVICES: Install Timed Muzzle Brake-Direct fit, No Clamp/lock ring

  • $ 7500

This service is for supplied brakes that may require machine work to properly position the ports.  With lighter contour barrels its quite often to have a very thin shoulder for the brake to purchase against when installed.   Because of this LRI will often use a thread compound to permanently position the brake.



  • Over tightening a brake on a thin shouldered barrel almost always causes the brake to bell mouth and over clock.  Short of removing either 1/2 or an entire pitch of thread from the brake is the only way to repair this.   Clients should ALWAYS use extreme caution when removing/installing these kinds of parts.
  • This service does not include threading the muzzle of the barrel
  • Photos may differ from your application.


IMPORTANT NOTE:  Muzzle threading is an invasive machining process that is very, very dependent upon solid and stable work holding.  Failure to respect this fact leads to misaligned threads and possible damage to peripheral items such as suppressors or muzzle brakes.  We have a well-vetted process for ensuring a visually clean appearance in our work.  However, it is not without some cosmetic consequence.  If your barrel is coated, blued, blasted, or "finished" in any way on the outside of it, it is very, very possible that we WILL scratch, burnish, or mark the finish.  

There is absolutely no way to avoid this.  Retaining this service means LRI will not accept or be subject to any liability in any capacity.  Please take this into consideration prior to retaining us for this kind of work. 

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