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GUNSMITHING SERVICES: Install Timed Muzzle Brake-Direct fit, No Clamp/lock ring

  • $ 7500

This service is for supplied brakes that may require machine work to properly position the ports.  With lighter contour barrels its quite often to have a very thin shoulder for the brake to purchase against when installed.   Because of this LRI will often use a thread compound to permanently position the brake.



  • Over tightening a brake on a thin shouldered barrel almost always causes the brake to bell mouth and over clock.  Short of removing either 1/2 or an entire pitch of thread from the brake is the only way to repair this.   Clients should ALWAYS use extreme caution when removing/installing these kinds of parts.
  • This service does not include threading the muzzle of the barrel
  • Photos may differ from your application.

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