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Receiver Scope Base Screw Hole Restoration and Correction

  • $ 7500

Production receiver scope base screw holes occasionally suffer from alignment errors due to flawed machining.  Here, we correct the issue by soldering a plug into the existing hole followed by helically boring (circular interpolation) a new hole in the correct position followed by thread milling.

Note that this process involves the use of acidic chemical flux and heat.  The existing finish on your receiver will become discolored as a result.  We encourage you to review our menu of refinishing options when selecting this service.

The price listed is quoted as "per hole."  This service is classified as a repair for correcting a location error.  Machining the new size/location is covered under LRI's 8-40 scope base hole service.  Our CNC boring and thread milling process avoids the risk of a drill attempting to wander off location.  This is especially relevant because the receiver and plug screw are almost certain to have dissimilar steel grades and hardnesses.  

Link to base hole enlargement