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LRI Anschutz Style Accy Rail

  • $ 9999

The LRI Anschutz Accessory Rail is designed to accept popular Anschutz and MEC accessories.  This is an intelligent alternative to more conventional style Freeland type rails. Our rail is installed with hardware that is completely "blind".  -Meaning no exposed screw heads in the track to hang up on accessories during adjustments.  Anyone who has shot prone with a sling understands this annoyance when bundled down in a heavy shooting jacket on a hot day while wound up in a shooting sling.  

Our intention is to make adjustments easier so that precious time on the firing line is spent shooting instead of wrestling with equipment.   Our rail also completely supports the accessory.  The stock will never be in contact with a bipod, sling mount, or hand stop.  A must when building presentation grade rifles where fit and finish is as big a priority as performance.