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Leica 1200, 1600, and 2000 Tripod Adapter

Leica 1200, 1600, and 2000 Tripod Adapter

  • $ 9499

The Leica 1200, 1600B, and the new 2000 rangefinder are  very handy and effective pieces of gear-until you use it on a long distance target with no way to hold it still.  I wanted to throw mine in the garbage can until I made this adapter.  

The driving ambition was an easy to use, lightweight system that would allow removal without having to deal with straps or clamps.   This piece is made from a one pound block of material, when completed its total weight is only 1.4oz.!

Using it is very simple, Just slide the RF into the chassis and attach it to your tripod. The floating foot located on the bottom applies pressure to the base of the range finder as you lock down the entire unit to your tripod or QD dovetail adapter using the single screw.

You'll soon discover that the Leica is very close in performance to rangefinders costing 2-3x times more when you're able to hold it still.