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Genuine Remington 40x bolt handles, Carbon and Stainless Steel (New old Stock)

  • $ 9999

These are genuine Remington legacy 40x handles straight from the foundry.  These handles have the appropriate Primary Extraction Cam surfaces from years long ago that solve all of the primary extraction issues with late model (RR prefix serial number) M700 receivers. 

The distinguishing features are the root of the bolt handle with its heavier cross-section when compared to typical M700 handles, and the edge features with a slightly larger radius.  Finally, at the knob transition, there is added material as well.

These are "New Old Stock", once they are gone, that's it.  They are the last of their kind.

Available in Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel in right-hand only.  These handles work with M7, SA/LA M700, and SA/LA 40x receivers from any period.   A rare find when making "period correct" clones such as the M40, M24, etc...


These handles will require fitting by someone experienced with this kind of work.  They are literally "straight from the foundry" so no polishing or finish work has been done.

These make for an excellent upgrade with our Time and Tig handle service.

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